Safestanding in England & Wales


The FSF’s Safe Standing campaign is a great example of an organised movement that aims at changing the legislation. How can we help?


Finally there was some justice for the 96 fatalities in the Hillsborough disaster with the new verdict that they were unlawfully killed… A clear signal that due to lack of preparation and control of the police (and NOT misbehavior of fans) this disastrous event could’ve been avoided. And that Safestanding is a viable peaceful option for fans to responsibly enjoy better the atmosphere of a match.

This Guardian video summarizes very well the Anatomy of a Disaster


The article below highlights the fact that following the Hillsborough verdict of this week, the whole Taylor Report need rethinking and the FA has no “excuse” anymore not allow safestanding areas in stadiums.


As the safe standing section at Celtic continues to impress people across the football industry, Manchester City’s 1894 Group are urging fans to take the case directly to their own clubs:


Real footage of the Safestanding Area at Celtic Park, an example worth following:


Article by the Guardian about yesterdays meeting of Premier League CEOs and Chairmen that led to the first formal steps towards the return of safe standing in the Premier League