Reform of UEFA competitions


The top European clubs are getting richer and richer and invest more and more money in the football market. As a return, they expect to get results and are lobbying on the federations to get advantaged in the competitions and to be economically covered.

Let’s speak out to have the integrity of UEFA competitions granted and to allow a maximum representativeness of the continent with equal possibilities to compete.


4 teams for the top leagues, 2 for the 5th, 6th and 7th, 1 for the nations ranked between 8th and 12th, a new ranking, that’s the new reform of the Champions League for the 2018-2021 season that filtered yesterday on La Gazetta dello Sport. A move to meet the expectations of the more powerful European clubs or a tentative to preserve the competition against the birth of a super league?

With 4 teams from England, Germany, Spain and Italy, 2 from France, Portugal and Russia, and 1 each from The Nederlands, Turkey, Belgium, Ukraine and Switzerland, there are 5 places left for teams qualified through the playoffs, in other terms the competition is getting more and more exclusive and entertainment prevail over the sporting results.


In just one week we went from UEFA willing to reform its flagship competition to protect the most powerful clubs in Europe, to a guy with a lot of money wanting to reform the competition furthermore.

It has been rumoured today (read here ), that Dailan Wanda, who bought the company Infront Sports last year (who owns the TV rights of the FIFA competitions), is willing to contact the top European clubs in October to change the format of the UEFA Champions League, claiming that it would “grow the revenue of the UEFA Champions League by 1 billion euros”.

This is being ridiculous and the international football governing bodies are demonstrating more and more that the business side counts much more than the game itself.

At this point, for me there is no doubt that the only way to get our football ball is by the strenght of fan power.

#Speakout and #Reclaimyourgame


I like this picture: Celtic fans waving Palestinian flags over the “Respect” banner with the UEFA logo. This picture is stronger than words, showing the hypocrisy of the European governing body at its best.

Consistently with their Respect and fair-play mission, UEFA fined Celtic FC for having their fans displayed “an illicit banner” during the Champions League playoff game versus Hapoel Be’er Sheva.

In response of the fine, Celtic fans set up a campaign on Go Fund Me to match the. amount of the fine by UEFA, that will be donated to two Palestinian charities Medical Aid Palestine and the Lajee Centre

The initial target of 15,000£ has been quickly reached and after just four days of campaign it passed the 150,000£ mark.
The solidarity of fans and non has been outstanding and demonstrate once again how far the football institutions set from the real spirit and values of football.

Let’s #matchthefineforpalestine