Mismanagement in Football Clubs


History repeats itself over and over again. Lots of clubs go bust or are taken away from their fans due to mismanagement. What mechanisms can we apply to prevent this? Let us hear your thoughts!



Yesterday, the annual reunion of the AS Roma Supporters Trust took place. For the first time, this has been made open to anyone who wanted to attend and for the first time the Supporters Liaison Officer (SLO) has been invited to talk with the fans about the issues by which they are currently being affected.
The relationship between the supporters of AS Roma, the club, and the local authorities is getting worst and worst at a point that the fans from the Curva Sud decided not to go to the stadium anymore.
For this reason the Supporters trust My Roma decided to take action inviting the SLO Sebino Nela, to discuss about solutions and to have their voice heard by the board of the club.

What do you think about the role of the SLO in clubs, is it a measure that is sufficient to represent effectively the fans into the management of their club?

This weekend the derby Lazio vs Roma is expected to be attended by around 30,000 supporters while the capacity of the stadium is 60,000. The measures that have been taken by the club, the institutions and the football league over the past years have been slowly killing the football in Rome. The last of these measures, is the building of a barrier in the stadium to divide the Curva Nord from the Curva Sud. Where will this stop and is the SLO the solution to give back football to people?


Judgment Day 2 is coming to Blackpool again on April 30. I heard rumours of a FanVox interview of Tangerine Knights, which would be great! Is FanVox going to try and attend again this year? Blackpool are on the brink of another relegation this season…sad times at the club.


Following the Blackpool “disaster” , Charlton Athletic have also been relegated. There a direct dispute between the supporters and the Belgian millionaire that owns the club. Money over the greatness of the club?

See the Vice Sports article here.


Cool that we can share our thoughts here.

#JudgementDay 2 is coming as @GMorty mentioned! This Saturday thousands of fans will be on the streets of Blackpool to protest against Oyston and claim their club!

I know the guys of @FanVox were there with Copa 90 last year. This is their side of the story


Check out how the Charlton fans protested against the owner, with relegation already a reality. That’s is #Fanpower!

And now the Charlton beach balls are out pic.twitter.com/zPLkRsTAd7

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From the Dailymail

Charlton, meanwhile, need restructuring top to bottom. Serious questions will continue to be asked by their loyal fanbase; many may stop turning up to games but will always fight for the cause.
That now is removing Duchatelet. He is despised but, for the moment at least, is going nowhere, setting ex-player Paul Elliott and his consortium an eye-watering asking price of £38million for a club he bought for just £17m two years ago


Meanwhile a meeting took place between supporters and the CAFC board on the 25th April where Katrien Meire (CEO of the club) stated that the club was not for sell and that they intended to build next season in League One adding that they will “learn from mistakes”.

Hard to believe for Charlton’s fans and further protest will take place on their last home game (7th May) to push Duchatelet to sell the club.



Some serious fan action took place yesterday at the Valley. That’s a way of have the voice of fans heard. Well done to them!


Wow the last post in this topic showed the protest of Charlton Fans at the end of last season. We are now at the start of the new season and beside the category, the situation hasn’t changed at all.
Here is a great sum up of the situation that the club has gone through since Roland Duchatelet took over.

This season in League One will look pretty much the same as the end of the last one. The action on the pitch will be little interesting and the action is more likely to take place outside The Valley.

Tomorrow for there first home game, Charlton fans are planning a new protest through C.A.R.D (the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet).

The fans won’t give up, let’s spread the word and support their cause!


Meet the worst owners in English Football. Great read. And yes, they’re all there.



Hull City are one example of mismanagement, having faced a clash between the owner and the fans for the club’s name change. Fortunately, for the club’s legacy, Allam’s wish to change it to Hull Tiger has been rejected twice by the FA. #SayNoToHullTigers and #AllamOut were and still are current topic trends amongst the fans.

They’re currently swimming in a sea of uncertainty, with an owner looking for a buyer (possibly another Chinese Investment Group), only 14 senior players and with the former manager quitting just before the start of the PL season. Ironically they’ve managed to get two wins (one against the reigning champions Leicester FC) and playing good football.

An objective view on this situation can be found in this article:


Following this topic , there’s actually a website set up by supporters who want a change in Hull City:



This article compiles the worst mismanagement cases of UK football and explains the mobilisation processes led by supporters’ groups. Great Read:



Impossible not to share the joint protest between Charlton Athletic and Coventry yesterday

And well done to them as the news is buzzing far beyond the English borders. Throwing pigs…hoping this is a good way to have Roland Duchatelet taking action about his mismanagement.


:ball: :ball:7 tales of football fan power :ball: :ball:, a remarkable BBC article explaining success cases where #FanPower has generated tangible impact.

The list goes as follows:

  1. Charlton Athletic and Coventry City
  2. FC Basel
  3. RB Leipzig
  4. Blackpool FC (Oyston FC)
  5. Cardiff City
  6. #RefugeesWelcome
  7. Kids at heart - Everton FC & Bristol City


10 Clubs that ceased to exist.

Corporate greed or mismanagement have caused long standing clubs to vanish or have been forced to be reborn. And the fans?


China puts brake on clubs ‘burning money’ after Oscar and Tévez signing - Financial Fair Play for Chinese Football?