Let's fight discrimination in Football!



Recently, I came across a job advert of FARE observers for Euro2016. Since the Euro2004 FARE has been monitoring events of racism and discrimination in stadiums. This summer two observers will cover each of the 51 games of the tournament.

Now, since discrimination and violence remains one of the main issues in stadiums in a large amounts of football leagues around the world, how football institution could use figures of observers during the games to monitor events of discrimination and to create campaigns to tackle these phenomenon and educate fans to respect all actors when attending football games?

I think that this way should be explored in opposition to the repressive measures that are often taken by public authorities to reduce violence and discrimination but which reduce the freedom of fans more than anything else.

What are your thoughts about this?


Football as an industry needs to do more to tackle the “toxic atmosphere of homophobia” in the sport.

Great read by Pink News: