Institution of a Promotion and Relegation System in North American Football


Interesting proposition brought up by the #ProRelWeek activists: a new open ‘soccer’ pyramid (see image below)
What are your thoughts?



Fresh from the oven, FanVox latest podcast on #ProRelWeek in Spanish.

Great insights and a very open-minded and friendly perspective on the importance of Pro/Rel and how the supporter movement is shaping in the US.


Just a very important topic - Please let me know about more of this!:soccer:


What a thorough coverage on this side of the pond on Pro/Rel and the Football pyramid. What does Peterson stand for? Does he represent Pro/Rel?


A very detailed summary of the high points of #ProRelWeek:

A good compilation by the FanVox team along with the insightful contributions by all supporters involved. Do give it a read!


The recent facts that have shown up in the media these last days highlight that Sunil Gulati had a relevant role in having Domenico Scala resign from its position of FIFA’s Audit and Compliance Chief to protect new FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

Based on these facts it is legitimate to ask ourselves about the relationship between FIFA and the USSF and whether a proper reform of FIFA would lead to the obligation for the USSF to adopt a promotion and relegation system.

Your thoughts on this?


Is the MLS disencouraging the growth of US grassroots players? Take a look at the case of Tim Howard and his return to Colorado Rapids:

The MLS, the retirement league?


New report undergone by Deloitte on the benefits of a Promotion and Relegation system for the US. You can download it here:

Deloitte-Sports-Business-Group-Silva-Summary-Document-091116-1.pdf (364.5 KB)



New podcast on the perspective of Latino fans in the US with FanVox Pro/Rel was also discussed.

Find out more:


Great Read on the results of the Deloitte Report about Pro/Rel in the USA by The Guardian. Read here:


Following the Deloitte Report, take a look at this article from The Economist highlighting the reasons why there’s not Pro/Rel in the US.

Interesting quote:

But it will take more than a blossoming internet movement to get the league to budge. As the tumultuous births of both MLB and England’s Football League demonstrate, only when faced with a credible threat to its monopoly will a major league entertain the possibility of reform.

Pro/Rel activists already understood it comes down to creating a threat to the monopoly of the (MLS) League. NASL is under threat.