Format & Channels


Documentary? WhitePaper? Educational Video? Collection of Podcasts? There are many options, the key aspect is to plan and execute a through strategy that takes out the best of the channels and formats to deliver the best message! What are your thoughts?

###Speak Out and Reclaim Your Name?


Let’s talk Documentary, would the US Open Cup be a great starting point highlighting the history of soccer from the early years?


This would be a great place to start. Or at a supporter owned club meeting…


How many supporter owned clubs are there in the US? [Educational question]?


Good question. Someone else from the Twitter group is sure to know…


Asked the expert, let’s hope he can get back to us. I know there are some: SF City, Nashville, Detroit. But there could be more, perhaps?

  1. SF City FC is legit, with a 50% + 1 model.
  2. Sounders 2, the USL (3rd Division) team is roughly 20-30% fan owned, by bequest of investor-operators of MLS (1st Division) franchise.
  3. Minneapolis City FC of NPSL (4th Division) claims fan-ownership, but club so new, hard to tell how structured.
  4. Coming soon Chicago NASL (2nd Division) club we have been given assurances by founder, Peter Wilt, will have supporter ownership. How much, not sure.
  5. Nashville FC of NPSL (4th Division) claims out right fan ownership, but word is they may abandon it to secure NASL or USL club/team.

Might not have completely right, so hopefully we get actual club/team fans interacting…