Best ownership scheme in UK - How to convince supporters to join a community ownership initiative?



FC United of Manchester just raised £15k in one month and a half via to improve their facilities. It is a great example to show the power of people when they get together.

The campaign called Kit Out the Cabin has been launched on the 12th of February with the aim to raise £15,000 to “fund the installation and refurbishment of a modular building at Broadhurst Park”. The building will be used to extend their social community activities and for the use of the football academy students. On the 10th March the target has been extended for one extra month as the limit to fund the project had not been reached.
On the 17th of March the £10,000 mark had been launched. The campaign has been boosted by the voluntary work of the youth academy during FC United’s home game on that day, providing support on the organization of the matchday and promoting the Crowdfunder campaign. On the 28th March and thank to the activity of FC United staff and friends on social media, the campaigned added 1,320£ in just 24 hours making the aim of reaching the £15,000 target by the 8th of April very likely. The target have been reached yesterday 30th March.
The sum of £15,000 has been raised in one month and a half with average donations of £40. This is the demonstration (if we still needed one) that putting together small effort backed up by a smart use of technology and community involvement makes great outcomes.

FC United posted the picture of the cabin arrived today on their Twitter account

If you are still looking to make any kind of change in the society but doubting of your ability to achieve concrete changes, stand up and get together, this is just an example that it is possible.


Just came across this video of a guy in the US who got to sponsor Wimbledon AFC after he made a buzz on YouTube by playing at FIFA with Wimbledon. The guy just got attracted by the AFC Wimbledon story and its fan ownership scheme. He ends the video with: “They are really part of their team because they own it” which says all.

I think that this guy from the US who unfortunately cannot experience anything similar there, gives an answer to the question of this topic. As a football supporter you feel part of a community and clubs belong to their fans in a natural way.


Wow this is awesome!!


AFC Wimbledon is urging fans and supporters of the new stadium proposal to write to the GLA (Greater London Authority) to convince them to overturn Boris Johnson’s decision to call-in the AFC Wimbledon’s bid for a new stadium in Plough Lane.

Please follow the LINK and show your support. Only 5 days to do so!


A bit off topic, but it’s interesting to point out the club ownership pattern in the West Midlands: Chinese Entrepreneurs/Investors.

A thourough look on what’s going on there with Premier League and Championship clubs:


Great news for AFC Wimbledon as the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan hands back the decision of new stadium application to Merton Council. Read here

Our friends from Supporters Direct Scotland point out the countless benefits of relying on community shares as a tool for better governance and supporter ownership that benefits the community.

Another reason that explains the advantages of Fan Ownership.

Read it here: