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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Fan Ownership

Football without fans is nothing and the community ownership scheme has embraced the passion and love from with a democratic and sustainable management model. How can we enrich this scheme?

Football Reform

Football is on the verge of becoming a fully privatized sport where fans are perceived as passive customers. The beautiful game requires a change and it is us who must embrace it.

Bring Rail Seating & Safe Standing

A handful of extremely relevant steps have been achieved across the UK, especially in Scotland in Wales. It's time to get together, build a strong network of experts, key stakeholders and like-minded football supporters to draft a project to bring back safestanding!.

Grassroots & Amateur Football

Grassroots Football is the core of the beautiful game. Football starts with a kid wanting to kick the ball. Nonetheless, modern football has left it behind, prioritizing the commercial goals provided by its hypercommodification.

Diversity in Football

Football is a sport that does not discriminate anyone. Anyone can play and love football regardless of their gender, beliefs, economical status or skin color. However, in some isolated occasions, both the industry and the fan base are unfortunately excluding minorities from the Beautiful Game. It's time for a change

A New FIFA Now!

The recent FIFA scandals prove that the institutional framework of international football is permeated by corrupt networks of individuals seeking their own financial benefit We pledge for A New FIFA Now! with more transparency and accountability.

Affordable Football for All

Watching Football has become a luxury in most of the countries. What used to be a working class game, shifted to a very expensive experience, given the recent commercialisation of football and the massive influx of capital to the game. Football Without Fans is Nothing and it is time supporters pledge for an Affordable Football For All.

Football Profits Redistribution

The growth of the football industry is remarkable. The business of football increasingly attracts different parties that overlook an outstanding potential in it, given the passion and loyalty from fans, the most engaged customers. However, the financial profits are not reinvested in the game.

TV Money: Pay Your Share!

The TV broadcasting revenue stream is flooding the beautiful game with substantial financial capital. In many parts, football is not affordable anymore and fans rely on the live streaming of matches to follow their teams. Unfortunately, most of the money invested goes to the clubs and high profile wages, and are not reinvested in a better fan engagement and sustainability of the sport. We can offer alternatives to this!

Soccer Reform in the US

Here we can discuss all ideas and initiatives around a significant change in how US Soccer is structured and run. Whether Pro/Rel, Fan Ownership, raising your voice, it's important that all supporters' voices come together and drive change!

Transparency in Football

Football has entered a dead-end path regarding corruption and lack of transparency. The latest #FIFAGate and CONMEBOL scandals led to the establishment of Fútbol Transparente, a joint project led by Foro Por Colombia, Transparency International (Colombian Chapter) and FanVox, aimed at strengthening Colombian football’s institutional framework and promoting supporter involvement.